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We can do BETTER for farmed chickens!

We Can do Better for Farmed Chickens

The Better Chicken Option (or TBCO) aims to adopt higher animal welfare standards in chicken farming. We urge producers to improve the way they raise meat chickens, often called broilers, in their farms. And we need your help to make this happen.

Better Meat? Bet na Bet.

Better Chickens make Better Meat. And Better Meat is better for your health.

This is why when we surveyed Pinoys who eat chicken, we found that most are willing to pay more for chickens raised under better farm conditions.

So how can we do better?

Together with PAWS, we can identify companies that care and urge them to improve the welfare of farmed chickens.

But what do they need to improve? Here are the 7 Checks for Better Chicken:

1. Space

TBCO recommends no cages for chickens to roam more freely. Although most chicken housing systems do not use individual cages, chickens may be happier with perches and other enrichment.

2. Litter flooring

TBCO recommends 100% deep litter flooring to allow chickens to dust-bathe. Current plactice in most broiler chicken farms is to use plastic flooring and no litter.

3. Enrichment

TBCO recommends providing 2-meter perches and two (2) pieces of pecking materials for every 2000 birds. Most chicken housing systems do not have perches or pecking materials.

4. Growth rate

TBCO recommends slower growth rate- an average of 50 grams growth rate maximum per day so that chickens do not suffer joint or leg pains and can still perch. The current average growth rate in the Philippines is 58 to 60 grams per day.

5. Light

TBCO recommends a minimum lighting intensity of 50 lux as it affects the birds’ feed and water intake. The current lighting level in most contract growers’ housing systems for broilers ranges only from 20 to 40 lux.

6. Rest hours

TBCO recommends a minimum of six (6) hours of constant darkness for every 24 hours, giving chickens sufficient rest. Most chicken housing systems only implement five (5) hours constant darkness.

7. Stocking density

TBCO recommends a maximum density of 30kg live bird per square meter. Most farms claim they can stock only up to 28 kg live bird per square meter due to humidity.

Check na check ba?

Kung check na check chicken mo, bet na bet sa Better Chicken Option!

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help make a difference. Start by participating in our awareness campaign!